You might be wondering: So what is shadowbox?


Shadow box is a form of three dimensional découpage art. Mutliple layers of high quality fine art reproductions are carefully cut and arranged to create an illusion of depth. Silicone glue and peices of foamboard are used to raise the foreground and objects are rounded with a ball burnisher to create form. Varnish and glitter brings light and life to the artwork while liquid glass coating creates ice and water. Kyoko uses a variety of materials to create highly tactile and convincing illusions.


Finally, the artwork is matted and framed. K's 3D art stands out from other shadow box ateliers by having a vast collection of mat boards and frame mouldings at hand. All of Kyoko's mats and frames are chosen, cut, and arranged by her at her home. Everything is custom made to best compliment the artwork it encases.


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